One one day in 2015, a group of passengers boarded a plane but were informed minutes later that the flight was being delayed due to a maintenance issue. While waiting, one of the flight attendants found out that a professional singing group was on board.

The group named Port City Sound are a very talented barbershop quartet. The flight attendant went to ask the group to give a small performance to entertain the crunky passengers. The kind singers were kind enough to accept the request and treat the other passengers to a barbershop quartet concert.

Getting stuck on an airplane due to an unexpected delay is no fun at all. It puts passengers in a bad mood, and the negativity just seems to grow the longer the delay lasts.

Most people really don’t like the uncertainty of not knowing how long they’re going to be stuck inside the airplane cabin before taking off.

But in this case, the mood of the entire group of passengers was boosted as these men belted out their harmonious set of pleasant tunes. Port City Sound most likely picked up some new loyal fans that day, as reported here by The Telegraph.

Naturally, plenty of passengers decided to record the unforgettable concert on their cell phones. Some of them shared those videos on social media, and the videos quickly went viral. As a result, the quartet’s kind gesture ended up giving their quartet a tremendous amount of exposure!

These top-notch performers went out of their way to make everyone’s day a little bit brighter!

They certainly deserve all of the praise they’ve gotten for their willingness to perform on the spot. Kudos should also go to the flight attendant who thought to ask them to share their incredible talent.

What do you think about this flight delay that was transformed into a concert thanks to the quick-thinking flight attendant and the talented Port City Sound quartet? Pass this feel-good story along to brighten someone else’s day!

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