After patient’s devastating death, nurse stops car to record inspiring message that is going viral

Rebecca Turley is a hospice nurse who works a 13-hour shift. She cares for families and their patients. As a hospice nurse, Rebecca witnesses people in their last moments of life. Nurses grow attached to some patients, and their death is devastating.

Rebecca was finishing her shift when she witnessed someone breathing for the last time. She shared a message which she hopes others before they kick the bucket.

Rebecca gracefully explains that life is short. Working with people who are staring at death makes one immune. However, there are a few patients that get you. For instance, she was very close to the man that died before her shift ended.

The last breaths of the deceased were “magical’ as his family surrounded him.

However, there are patients who receive the sad news when they set their feet into the hospice. Some have less than a week to live. Even when you are expecting such news, the person still wonders if they have lived their lives to the fullest. Is there anything they wish they would have done differently?

The situation got the nurse thinking about how precious and short life is, and she shares her thoughts with the world.

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