Unfortunately, there are some terrible people in the world who enjoy stealing from others. These people need to be taught a lesson, which is why it’s so great that YouTube star Tom Mabe is doing just that!

Tom is known online for making videos that make millions of people laugh. One of his most popular videos is the one below this story which exposes some devious thieves in front of millions of people.

Tom decided that he wanted to see how many people would try and steal his phone when they thought he was not looking. After setting up his camera, he went out in public and pretended to either be asleep or look away as he set his phone down next to him. You’ll be stunned to see how many people actually made attempts to steal his phone when they thought they could get away with it.

Unfortunately for the wannabe thieves, they had no idea that Tom’s phone had a remote controlled stun gun inside of it. As soon as the thieves grabbed the phone, Tom would press a button and they would instantly be tased!

While this had to have physically hurt the thieves, we can’t help but think it’s exactly what they deserve. Hopefully, they will remember the pain and think twice before they try and steal from someone else again. The world is a bad enough place as it is, and we can make it a whole lot better if we were kind to one another rather than attempting to take advantage of others.

Check out the viral video for yourself below!

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