Prison inmates see guard officer collapse. They grab his gun belt and phone and had to choose

Working outside in the midday summer heat is not a welcome idea. However, for the inmates and correctional officers in charge, they  have no choice.

Six inmates and a correctional officer were one beautifying a gravest a day before Father’s Day. Suddenly, the overseeing officer fell to his knees. Without wasting time, the inmates stopped working and rushed to assist.

The inmates stripped the officer off his gun and bulletproof vest.  Greg Williams, one of the inmates, fished the phone from the officer’s pocket and dialed 911. The other inmates worked to revive the unconscious officer.

Emergency services arrived and took the officer to the hospital. The officer, however, was released on the same day.  Sheriff Johnny Moats is grateful for the kind actions from the inmates. It shows a great relationship between the inmates and the officers.

The family of the guard brought the prisoners some dessert and lunch as a sign of gratitude. Their sentences were also reduced by one-fourth.

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