After Racial Slurs at Air Force Academy, Enraged Chief Lines Up Airmen For Stirring Speech

Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria was outraged by some racial slurs after an incident that occurred at the Academy’s Preparatory School. The lieutenant addressed over 5,000 cadets and the Air Force Academy staff at the Colorado Springs base.

The outraged officer did not mince his words. He tells the cadets and members of staff that the racial slurs should outrage them as airmen and human beings.

Lt. Jay goes ahead and says that everyone deserves respect. If anyone feels that they are incapable of showing respect to everyone, they should leave the force. He asked that the officers should treat everyone with respect despite their gender or skin color.

The incident happened at the Preparatory school, but the lieutenant made everyone at the Air Force Academy aware of the seriousness of the issue.

The lieutenant praised the Academy for its diversity making it a major unifying factor about the Air Force. He also appreciated their efforts that brought people together through a forum following the Charlottesville attack.

Lt. Siveria hopes his speech will help others condemn such horrible racist remarks.

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