Angels walk amongst us, and Shanta Jordan is one of them. The selfless woman saved the life of a child at her own life’s expense. A car rammed into a restaurant, and then Jordan jumped in front of the car to save a child’s life.

The scary incident was captured by the surveillance footage at Junco’s Bridgeport. Jordan and the child flew into the air and landed on the ground. Fortunately, the bystanders were able to help. The two are recovering at the hospital.

The boy has undergone surgery, and the surgeons tried to save his leg. In honor of Jordan, the Chief of Police are planning to hold a special tribute at City Hall. Were it not for Jordan’s selfless act; the poor boy would be dead

Watch the video below and see how the action unfolded. What do you think of Jordan’ selfless act of saving the boy from the jaws of death?  Let us know in the comments section.

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