Remember the Aleppo boy who was wounded in an airstrike? Here’s how he looks like after a year of bombing

After a year since Syrian City Aleppo was bombed and many citizens lost their life. some got severs wounds like this iconic young boyOmran Daqneesh. Omran was only 5-year-old when the tragic incident happened. The sight of him alone confused with screaming surrounding him, covered in blood and dust and dropped in the back of an ambulance has left the entire world in tears and shock.

His body was badly injured but thankfully he was successfully rescued with several cuts. His story gained a lot of compassion and concern about the deadliest war happening in Syria and how the innocent people life can be badly affected by war.

Omran was lately spotted on a footage from Aleppo. He can be seen sitting on his father’s knee at home. The family said that they didn’t want to leave their country.

Since then, it is the first time Omran and his family appeared in public. As his father stated, Omran survived and he is now in good condition living with his family in Aleppo City.

Omran’s heart-wrenching story is a tragedy to many but he is one of the hundreds if not thousands of kids whose life becoming worst after war hit country. Some of them were able to got their life back on track but most of them, after bombing took place, they were not able to survive.

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