Superstar Definitely Gives Jimmy Fallon a Run for His Money after Nailing Different Music Genres on First Try

First, let’s just agree that Jamie Foxx’s name is almost synonymous with talent – at least for everyone who knows something about this entertainment superstar.  Well, it seems that Jamie’s talents aren’t just what we know. This guy is clearly a walking load of absolute talents!

This was proven the day one Jimmy Fallon made the mistake of inviting Jamie on The Tonight Show and went ahead to commit the crime of trying to outdo the star in a singing contest. What happened on that stage is still flooring people!

Thankfully, the whole thing was staged on a live stream, and there’s a video that’s now making people go gaga on the internet.  You must be holding your breath for this!

Watch as Jamie Foxx faces the crowd in a face-off with Jimmy Fallon. The contest is dubbed “Wheel of Musical Impressions,” and you can bet it’s living up to its name. The two stars engage in a war as they try to outdo each other through a number of songs. This is too nice!

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