I hate scammers. You hate scammers. Everyone hates scammers. These crooks are responsible for the misery befalling a sizeable fraction of our population every day. Scammers are basically people who devise crafty ways of stealing other people’s fortunes. Of late, some of them have found a new way to scam people.

Imagine receiving a voicemail from an IRS officer demanding that you call them back ASAP or you’ll be arrested by nightfall. If that happens, just ignore it. It’s fake! Scammers have been using this to commit identity theft. If you find a voicemail in your phone and you call them back, they lead you along the conversation and try to get you to divulge your personal and financial details in the name of “being helped to sort out the IRS issue.” What some people don’t know is that this information is then used to steal their identity and clean out their bank accounts. Don’t fall for the trick!

A scammer tried it on a cop. Watch the clip and see how Officer Kyle Roder handled the crook. It’s so hilarious! Be sure to SHARE this!

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