He Secretly Put a Pill in Her Drink and She never Noticed. Moments Later, She Thanked Him for it

You’ve most probably gone out at some point and take a few drinks. Sometimes you want to take a break and are tempted to leave your drink on the table unattended. DON’T!

Reason? This is how people get drugged. You leave your drink unattended, you get back, take a few sips and the next thing you know? You’ve been blacked out. That’s the risk, and this guy here is demonstrating it to a total stranger!

YouTuber Joey Salads decided to do a social experiment about the issue. He sat close to a couple with some drinks on the table. At one point, the lady takes a break. The guy with her has no idea what’s about to happen. He doesn’t even suspect anything as Joey slips a pill into the lady’s drink! And then she gets back and grabs the drink!

However, Joey stops her before she can drink it. He explains about the social experiment and awareness about the drugging risk. You should see their faces!

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