The staff at the kennel speculated that Maggie, the sweet shelter dog, escaped from her pen upon hearing the distressed cries of the puppies. Sandy Aldred, the kennel owner, witnessed the heartwarming scene on the surveillance cameras. There, she saw Maggie sitting in front of the puppies’ cage, as reported by CBC.

Upon returning to the dog motel, Aldred hurried to guide Maggie back to her pen. However, as she entered the door, Maggie eagerly led her towards the puppies’ kennel, brimming with excitement and a clear desire to interact with the little ones. Intrigued, Aldred decided to introduce Maggie to the foster puppies. In a display of nurturing affection, Maggie tenderly licked and nuzzled the puppies, emulating the behavior of a caring mother dog.

After a few minutes of bonding, the three dogs nestled together, finding comfort in each other’s presence and eventually drifting off to sleep. Come morning, Maggie and the puppies were still snuggled up together, reaffirming the special connection they had formed. Aldred believes that Maggie, once a foster dog herself, needed the companionship of the two puppies just as much as they needed her

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