Amber is a health coach, mother, and wife from Iowa who decided that it was time for her to change up her looks. After reading Christopher Hopkins’ book “Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45,” she knew that The Makeover Guy was the perfect person to go to for a new look, so she travelled to his studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“I went through the workbook and I think it was really well laid out,” Amber said. “All the questions that were asked really identified any of the areas that would make you hold back or say no.”

Christopher loves giving women over the age of 45 a new lease on life by completely transforming the way that they look. By the time he was done with Amber, her hair was much shorter and she had soft curls that frame her face. Her hair was also a light brown color with blonde highlights that made her look far younger than she did before.

Amber could not have been happier when she saw the results of the makeover!

“I love it!” she exclaimed. “Have you ever seen such bluer eyes? I think I’m getting free drinks tonight at the bar. What do you think?”

Her husband was also left awestruck by her new look.

“Young Amber come to the top once again,” her husband said. “It’s marvelous. Beautiful. Yes, she is,” and he hugs and kisses her.

Afterwards, Amber expressed just how grateful she was to Christopher for what he did.

“He has a love of learning for his craft and that comes out in his kindness, in his perspective, in the way that he looks at each person individually who walks through the door,” she said. “I cannot say it enough. Buy the book. The book walks you through step by step where you need to go, how you need to come to terms with allowing the change to happen.”

Check out her makeover for yourself below!

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