Singing Doctor Dies in Tragic Crash before Show Airs. Mom Sobs over How AGT Honors Him

America’s Got Talent show has gained popularity in the recent past and has created some of the world’s newest stars. The Internet has clips of some of the most emotional auditions.  The 2017 season has its fair share of heartbreaks.   29-year old Brandon Rodgers auditioned for the show, but he lost his life on 11th June.

The 29-year old doctor came onto the show, and his singing abilities wowed everyone. Even the judges were amazed that he was a medical doctor with a singing talent. Brandon Rodgers always wanted to be a doctor following a traumatic incident as a child. He found his mother lying in a pool of blood and was rushed to the hospital. The young Brandon witnessed how the talented and caring medical professionals who attended to his mother. His dreams of becoming a doctor were nurtured, and he hoped to make a difference in the world.

Besides being a doctor, he can sing too. Brandon even says he sings to his patients and coworkers. Brandon was a passenger in a car that crashed into a tree and lost his life in June.

With permission from Brandon’s family, we share the video of his audition.

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