Mike Miranda is maybe old and dealing with diabetes, but he has one smart and very caring family. You want to know what his own grandson did to him!

Felipe Leon shares a very special bond with his grandfather, Mike. Felipe hoped that the old man would be there to witness his great prom evening, but Mike had been admitted to a hospital and had a toe amputated. However, that didn’t stop Felipe from pulling one heck of a surprise!

On the special day, Felipe took his prom date to the hospital, and what happened next has had this video shared all over and viewed millions of times. You’ll just love it!

In fact, Mike had asked Felipe’s mom, Nicole Leon, to leave the hospital and go support her son at the prom, but the family had other plans. They “ganged” up and hatched a “plot” behind the old man’s back. When he found out, he couldn’t handle it!

This video captures that moment Felipe and his date walk into the hospital and give the old guy the surprise of his life. This is awesome.

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