Natalie is a struggling single mother who lives from paycheck to paycheck. She was on the verge of being evicted when her 9-year-old did something unexpected. Ariel is a smart girl who was determined to help her mother out. Ariel enlisted the help of her grandmother to prove that she cares for and loves her mother.

Nine-year-olds do not have to worry about rents and bills. However, it was a cause of concern for Ariel since her mom kept packing and unpacking. Ariel decided to write a letter asking for assistance.

The 9-year-old wrote to the Fox5 Surprise Squad. She mentioned her mother’s financial problems and the possible eviction from their apartment. She wanted her mother to know that someone cared about her well-being.

The Fox5 Surprise Squad received the letter and had plenty of goodies and surprises for Ariel and her mother. They met with Ariel’s mother and grandmother. They also paid two months ’rent for Ariel’s mother. They also had other surprises for the family.

Watch Natalie’s reaction when she received her surprise. What did you think about Ariel’s efforts to help her mom?

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