If she was an ordinary kid just out to score grades in class with no much thought of what she was learning, Lily would have just written the essay and forgotten all about it. But this 14-year-old is something else!

When she set about writing the essay, Lily decided to focus on women’s health, a much neglected subject that only gets shared in hushed tones. She wanted to give this issue a voice and make it public in the most appropriate way, so she trained her attention on the health difficulties and hard choices faced by homeless women.

You see, when you’re homeless, you’ve to make a tough choice about how you use the money people give to you. For women, it’s a choice between eating and their hygiene. It’s a hard bargain trying to decide whether to buy food or tampons. Lily wanted to help!

She started collecting tampons and distributing them to homeless women on the streets. Soon enough, she had a $3,000 budget to run on! She brought real change!

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