Woman turns into a hero to stop thief from taking her car, even she can’t believe the crazy footage

As is common, robbers tend to mark their victims and attack only the seemingly weak and vulnerable. But what they don’t know is that not everyone is what they look like. This video will blow you away!

So it’s 2 p.m on a sunny afternoon when Melissa Smith decides to stop at a gas station and get a refill. While she does that, some crook is planning some nasty stuff against her. Since Melissa seems very busy with filling up the gas and checking out her phone, the intruder figures that this dear lady is a vulnerable “prime target,” so he slips out from his car and into Melissa’s. That’s how the drama started!

From the corner of her sharp eye, Melissa spotted the guy sitting in her car. She knew exactly what was happening, and she immediately made up her mind. She wasn’t going to be robbed on such a good day!

Next, she sprang into action, jump onto the windshield and screaming her lungs out. You need to watch this and see what happened next. Must SHARE!

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