A lot of crazy things happen during sleepovers. Sometimes the kids will wake with markers written on them, or someone will place a glass of ice on sleepy guests.

Sadly, over the years, some of the antics are not a laughing matter. The latest sleepover prank sweeping across the Internet is extremely dangerous.

Meet the “hot water challenge”.  The kids’ pour hot water on an unsuspecting also. Others drink the hot water.

Hot water causes bad scarring and permanent damage. An 8-year-old passed away in March after being forced to drink hot water through a straw.

An 11-year-old was hospitalized and sustained first and second degree burns after her friends’ poured hot water on her.

A 15-year-old boy woke up with burning sensation on his neck. His friends later confessed that they had poured hot water on him.

Fortunately, the teen’s mom rushed him to hospital.

The teens do not realize how hot the water is; and the dangers it causes. Parents are advised to warn their children of the dangers associated with the challenge.

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