In a heartwarming incident in October 2020, a student from West Jordan Middle School saved his friend’s life thanks to what he learned in his health class. The incident occurred during lunchtime when a group of friends were sitting together, and one of them, Jackson, started choking on his chicken sandwich. At first, the others laughed, but they soon realized that Jackson was in serious trouble. He signaled to his friend Hunter that he was choking, and without any delay, Hunter sprang into action.

Hunter quickly performed the Heimlich maneuver on his friend, as captured on video from inside the school’s cafeteria, which was later uploaded by Humankind by USA Today. Jackson explained that he tried coughing it out but failed. Hunter, who was quick to identify the situation, repositioned his friend’s body to perform the Heimlich better. Hunter’s efforts were successful, and Jackson was able to breathe normally again.

After the incident, several students went to their health teacher, Kathy Howa, to inform her of how Hunter used the first aid and CPR skills he learned in class to save Jackson’s life. Kathy was immensely proud of Hunter and grateful to see that her students were paying attention to the lessons she taught them. Hunter’s quick thinking and knowledge undoubtedly played a crucial role in saving Jackson’s life

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