Terrified Teen Girl Suddenly Runs Towards Him. Takes One Look at Her Face, Hops in Truck and Dials 911

Do you believe in coincidences? I believe everything happens for a reason.

Earl Melchert returned to his house on September 5 at midday to collect his diesel can. He intended to fill it up on his way back home.

From a distance, he saw something like a deer running. However, it was a 15-year-old girl who had been missing for a few weeks. The teen named Jasmine Block was wet and anxious sought refuge inside Melchert’s truck.

Melchert recognized the girl as she had her face on the news and flyers. The girl went missing from her home in Alexandria, MN since August 9th.

Block says that her father’s friend, 32-year-old Jay Baker, came to their home late at night and asked her to help out with his son. Block obliged and accompanied Baker to his house.

Baker restrained Block with zip ties. For 29 days, Baker, and his friends Holby and Powers sexually assaulted her.

Block told investigators the men tried to kill her thrice, including drowning her in a bathtub. On September 5th, they transported her in a duffel bag at the back of the truck, and she managed to escape. Fortunately, Earl saved her life and helped police arrest her perpetrators.

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