This is exactly what happened to me when I was watching a video of a man being swarmed by a group of friendly golden retriever puppies recently. All I could think the whole time, was, “Awww! ”

Recently the man and his wife welcomed the ten furry children after giving birth to one of their adult golden retrievers. And, the pups were only seven weeks older and wilder than ever before at the time of the recording.

But that didn’t stop the pair deciding to free all of the rambunctious fur babies from an enclosure at the same time. They made sure to switch on a camera for recording before opening the gate to the enclosure, because they already knew it was about to get wild.

As the wife opened the confinement, and the man called out to the puppies from the end of the driveway, a majority of them spirited their little hearts out towards the man. (A few were more interested in the wife but were still overjoyed with their newfound freedom.)

Next thing you know, the guy is now back-down on the ground with dogs jumping all over him and playing with him. So much love and affection from the goldie pups-for most people a fantasy come true!

The puppies finally get confused just as they all seem to do. The husband was no longer physically bound to the floor by the end of the video, so he stood up to give the one puppy some toys, who also needed his affection. Too soft!

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