If you’ve ever been near a horse, you know that it has a lot to offer. People tend to get close to horses because they are such loyal and beautiful companions. They are also quite beautiful, and the sight of a horse running through an open meadow is breathtaking every time you see it. Horses have been with us throughout history, helping us in times of war and peace. It is worth taking the time to get to know the horse in person.

While each horse has its own greatness and beauty, there are differences within the breed that truly make them unique from each other. Some of them will be larger than others, and some may have more strength or possibly abilities that other horses do not have. There is a Turkmen horse, which is not only unique but also indescribably beautiful. They are called Akhal-Teke and their beauty is visible not only in their size but also in the unique wool that reflects light, almost resembling metal.

Akhal-Teke horses are a very rare horse breed that is very different from any other horse you have probably seen. They are native to Turkmenistan and the bright, light-colored coats that each of them wears to make them incredibly beautiful.

The Akhal-Teke are known as ‘horses from heaven’ in China. There are only about 1,250 of these horses in the world, and each of them has a unique structure in their hair that makes them beautiful.

It is the way proteins are organized in horses’ hair that causes the light to reflect. This is how it reflects what makes it look like metal.

These horses are nice to see in photographs, but to see them in person is certain to be breathtaking.

Source: Honest To Paws




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