When it comes to beer brands, Heineken never misses a spot. You see, this company knows just how to “woo” its customers. First, they produce one of the tastiest and lovable beer brands in the world. Next, they come up with one heck of a commercial to back it up!

When Heineken started a campaign dubbed #OpenYourWorld, no one expected it to turn into the kind of stuff featured in this video. This campaign is about embracing the world as it is. Looking at things through the third slit and allowing other people the chances they so deserve. I know that because I’ve watched this video!

If you’re looking for a beer ad featuring babes and bros scantily dressed and having fun at the pool, this is not the thing. This is about “enlightenment,” a major look into the very fabric of our social setting in this century. It’s the kind of thing that drives conversations, and that’s exactly what’s happening here. You better not miss this!

The clip has quickly taken over the internet, and you’ll see why when you click “play.” Do that and enjoy the “education,” then go ahead and hit that SHARE button!

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