The America justice system is designed to make sure every offender gets his “reward.”  This duty of meting out justice is reserved to the judges, and they do their job well. While every other judge sticks to the general interpretation of justice, judge Michael Cicconetti has come up with his own style of deterring crime, and it’s creating quite a buzz in the media.

To Judge Michael, people who plan to commit crimes need to be assured of one thing: It’s an eye for an eye! And he isn’t bulging!

Case in point is what happened to a woman who saw it fit to abuse her poor dog. Alyssa Marrow kept her dog caged up in a most horrible living condition. The place was stinking, with no space to take a “leak” or even exercise. When she was brought before him, the judge handed out a sentence that got everyone stunned!

She had to spend 8 long hours at the most stinky spot in town. She could either do that, or live behind bars for 90 days. Watch the full video here for more on this.

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