They say everyone has their own inherent talent. All you’ve to do is find it. However, they also say some people can be excellent in more than one field. Think of that scientist who’s also a good runner, that classmate who’s a baller and still beats the academic examiner hands-down. We can go on and on. And then there’s the case of these two!

Katarina and Dakota Delcamp are twins, but that’s not really what’s making them so famous. What’s catching everyone’s eye is the fact that at just 4 years of age, these two could wow a crowd in ways that no one else could. One such moment happened in 2008 when they performed a routine before a large crowd. They blew everyone’s mind!

It’s all in this video here. In the clip, the twins are working the routine to The Nutcracker, and they’re doing it while on the brink. They’re talented skaters who know exactly what to do on that brink. You must be itching to watch this now!

Watch and get your heart stolen by these two. They’re now 11 and still going strong.

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