Tired of Waiting for Their Favorite Band, 65,000 Fans Belt Out “Queen” Classic in Perfect Unison

It’s at Hayden Park in London, and the space is packed with over 65,000 people all eagerly waiting for the epic moment presented by the band in attendance. However, these people aren’t exactly the kind of a crowd you could call patient!

This is what happened when these tens of thousands of people decided to start singing on their own as they waited for the band to come onstage. The song in everyone’s tongue? Wow!

Who doesn’t love the Bohemian Rhapsody? Ever since this song hit the waves over 4 decades ago, people have been losing their hearts to its incredibly captivating lyrics. That’s probably what sparked this great moment. You should see this right now!

Click on the video and watch as the crowd takes on the Queen song with much vigor and satisfaction. It’s moving. It’s inspiring. It’s loud! The band, named Green Day, couldn’t let the moment pass without capturing a nice clip. They posted it on their Facebook page, and now everyone is down for it!

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