Toddler Opens Letter to Find Out New Sibling’s Gender, But Her Reaction Doesn’t Go as Mom Expected

When you want to introduce your kid to a newcomer in the family, you need to do it cautiously. Being kids, the little ones can’t quite imagine having someone else storming into the family to “steal their thunder.” This is even more prevalent to those who’ve been the only kids in the family. In fact, there are some schools coming up to offer lessons to kids in preparation for the arrival of their little siblings. Well, I guess the kid in the video missed the lessons!

First, Daisy wasn’t very open to the idea of having a sibling kid in her family, and neither did she expect the sibling to be a brother if it ever happened. In any case, she expected a sister. But it seems like the gods weren’t quite interested in her expectations, and that’s why she found herself throwing a tantrum when the news broke!

Turns out, Daisy has a new baby brother. Now watch this clip and see how she reacts. This is so hilarious!

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