She Took Off Her Wig During Her First Date, What He Told Her Next Made Her Cry.. WHOA!

If you’ve ever dated, then you know what it feels like to go on your first date ever. First dates are enjoyable in the sense that the partners don’t usually delve too deep into each other’s personal lives. But that doesn’t mean someone can’t stand up to change the rules. This lady is great!

“First Dates” is a nice TV Show in Britain that captures people on their first date and shares all the awkward and weird stuff that goes on. This time around, they shared this video of this lady on her first ever date. It’s going to leave you deeply in love!

Eve Betts isn’t the kind of person to hide her real self from the people she likes, so when she went out on a date with Jordan, she felt the need to let him know something about her. Since the age of 3, Eve had suffered from alopecia, a condition that made her lose all her hair. She wears a wig. That’s what she needed her handsome date to know. And she did it style!

Just click this and watch. Now wait to hear what Jordan tells her. She’s so beautiful!

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