Many people have watched the video below a number of times yet, they have not been able to judge who was at fault. Regardless of your judgement, the footage which was recorded by the dash cam should serve as a warning before you do a mistake when driving.

It all happens in a very busy road where one truck is driving down fast in the left lane. There is also another large truck in the right lane which is moving slowly. Then we see a car pulling ahead of the truck in the faster left lane.

To be safe, you have to ensure that a length of one car is allowed for every 10 mph. That means if you are driving at 50 mph, at least a length of 5 cars should be allowed between the car in front and you. That will give you enough time to use the brakes when it is necessary.

Normally, 18-wheelers are pulling so much weight. That means if they break instantly, the heavy goods will try to fly forward, and as a result inertia will push the truck forward.

With that in mind, the big trucks should be given a lot of respect and room. That is what the driver who decided to cut the truck off was not aware of. Though some are blaming the driver of the car and some the one driving the truck, we are thankful that no one was hurt when it happened. I believe it should be a big lesson to all of us.

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