West and Farrior, two seventh-grade students from South Carolina, have gained nationwide attention after their impressive swing dance routine went viral on YouTube. The video, which captured the pair’s performance at the National Shag Dance Competition in 2020, has been viewed over 165,000 times. The competition features six different divisions, including Junior I, Junior II, Non-Pro, Pro, Senior, and Masters. The competitors perform for three nights, and the scores from all three nights are combined to determine the winner.

West and Farrior’s routine was the best-combined score of the Junior I division, making them the champions of that category. The duo’s talent and skill impressed viewers, with one commenter describing West’s movement as having “rubber legs.” Despite being in the seventh grade, West demonstrated exceptional ability and was the highlight of the competition, according to many viewers.

While swing and shag dancing are not typical hobbies for middle schoolers, West and Farrior’s interest in the art form made them all the more intriguing. The judges, impressed by the duo’s performance, awarded them the championship title. The two seventh graders were ecstatic at the end of their routine, hugging each other and beaming with pride. The happiness and joy they displayed were mirrored in their scores, which reflected their outstanding performance.

The video of West and Farrior’s routine has garnered a lot of attention on social media, with many commenters expressing their admiration for the young dancers’ passion and talent.

While some viewers were impressed by the duo’s performance, others were merely surprised that middle schoolers were interested in ballroom dancing. West and Farrior’s remarkable talent and dedication make them stand out among their peers, and their success in the National Shag Dance Competition is a testament to their hard work and commitment.

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