For a whole 2 weeks, Sklar’s coughs were intense. She figured she didn’t need to go to the hospital as she thought it was likely just flu. However, that wasn’t the case. Sklar’s condition got worse and she had to be admitted at a hospital.

Turns out, the good lady had pneumonia, and that was just the start of it. The infection had spread into her blood and was about to drive her into a septic shock. The doctors had to act swiftly. They put her into induced coma to manage the illness, and that’s when it happened!

When she finally woke up, Sklar claimed to have travelled to heaven while she was in coma! She said she had met Jesus who gave her a special message to deliver to people when she came back. Now this is getting amusing!

It’s all in this video. Watch as Sklar talks about her experience right on your screen. This will awe you.

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