Young Girl Strums Ukulele, But It’s The Moment She Starts Singing Elvis Classic That’s Gone Viral

The King may be gone, but his songs will live forever within his fans and the many artists who cover his songs. While nobody can deliver the King’s songs better than him, some people have performed stunning renditions of his songs and this is no exception.

Grace Vanderwaal is a young singer from New York, with over 1 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. Playing the ukulele and singing, Grace has covered lots of popular artists, putting her own quirky spin on the classic songs.


At 12-year-old, Grace participated in the popular show program, America’s Got Talent, she stole everyone’s hearts with her incredible talent. She went on to win the show, singing her original songs.
Grace’s voice is perfect match for the classic Elvis Presley song, ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’, and her skilled ukulele playing makes it even better! She strums along and sings each note perfectly – she doesn’t need anything besides the voice in her heart and her trusty stringed instrument to impress us!


Check out Grace’s beautiful cover of the romantic song for yourself

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