These 2 Guys’ ’12 Days of Christmas’ Rendition is Just Hilarious and The Internet Can’t Get Enough of it

There’s always that one Christmas song that every kid loves. It’s “Twelve Days of Christmas,” and it has always brought smiles on people’s faces. It’s even much better when performed by creative adults who will leave nothing to chance. That’s why everyone is looking for this video!

This happened at Crossroads Bible Church, where these two guys decided to bring in a new twist to the song. To make the best of the performance, they’re backed by the church choir, the United Student Ministries. Wait!

So they get onstage and stand at the front-end of the platform, and then the choir starts singing. The two good men wait for the most opportune moment in the song to kick-off their largely hilarious antics that soon get the whole congregation in a jovial mood. This is something!

See! This is what a great refresher looks like. These guys are all bent on making this performance break everyone’s ribs, and watching them, you can’t help but agree that they’re really making it happen. The people just can’t shut up!

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