The bond between a mother moose and her calf is a profound one, spanning approximately a year before the young moose ventures out on its own. Although moose typically have an average lifespan of 20 years, they tend to embrace a solitary existence within their first year and start feeling the effects of aging by the twelfth year.

Unfortunately, the impact of warmer climates poses a significant challenge to the species. In these conditions, moose are plagued by tiny pests known as ticks, which latch onto their skin during the summer season. The infestation of these pests has become a major contributing factor to the decline in population and reproductive rates among moose.

The extraordinary event witnessed in the parking lot not only served as a miraculous moment but also drew attention to the presence of wild animals in Anchorage. With a moose population of approximately 1,500, these majestic creatures are often sighted in residential areas. Springtime is particularly significant as it marks the arrival of newborns, a sight commonly observed during the colder hours of the day, such as mornings and evenings when moose feel more comfortable.

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